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Wojciech ANIGACZ,  Ph.D. habit. Eng.


-  Opole University of Technology, Professor

-  University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw, Professor.

Head of Department of Geotechnics and Geodesy

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Opole University of Technology

Katowicka St. 48

45-061 Opole, Poland

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Research Interests

Engineering surveying, geodesy metrology (positioning of machines, engines and devices), geodesy calculations, adjustment computation, electronic measuring techniques and environment protection (1 monograph).


Academic achievements


- 3 monographs
- more than one hundred publications
- as well as several dozen patents and utility models and  implementations of  the above mentioned


Seminars and Lectures

Lectures and practical exercise from subjects:

- geodesy

- engineering surveying

- metrology

- protection of intellectual property

- graduate seminar


Academic Qualifications

MSc - Department of Geodesy Devices at the Agricultural Academy in Wroclaw. Master degree thesis: The influence of the losses of the times of rides on the edges of plots on the depression of the fine income of agricultural farms. Wroclaw 1973.

PhD - The Institute of Geotechnics at the Technical University of Wroclaw. Doctoral degree thesis: The analysis of the possibility of the use of the methods of analytic photogrammetry to the measurement of industrial hall steel constructions. Wroclaw 1979.

Postdoctoral degree (habilitation) – The Department of Engineering Geodesy and Cartography at the Technical University of Warsaw, Warsaw 1994. The book - monograph for the postdoctoral degree was titled: Modification of geodetic methods in design of rectification of the under - crane tracks. Opole 1992. Pdf version of the book is available in the PUBLICATIONS tab.

Professor position – Opole University of Technology, Opole 1994.


Honors and Achievements

- an authorized  expert of The Association of Polish Geodesists in the field of engineering surveying measurements and the surveying service of the building engineering. Warsaw, 1986.

- the first degree of engineering professional specialization in the field of engineering-economic geodesy.
Warsaw, 1988,

- the license to execute independent functions in geodesy. Warsaw, 1990.


Professional Experience

- Province Office of Geodesy and Agricultural Terrains Organization  in Opole, 1973-1978,

- 1989 - 2004 own business, projects for individual clients and firms in the field of geodesy and cartography (more than 1000 projects done),

- other various research and professional projects


Selection of publications

Anigacz W., Piątek K.: Establishing density of check points on cooling tower shell.
XII Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering. Contemporary problems. Local seminar organized by Polish Chapter of International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, Warsaw, December 1, 2006, pp. 119-124.

Anigacz W.:  Screw stand for geodetic devices. Reports on Geodesy. Warsaw University of Technology. Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography. Department of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy,  No. 2 (87), 2009, pp. 15-18.

Anigacz W.: Selected aspects of geometrical conditions of hydrotechnical structures. Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Safety dam - population and environment safety, Warsaw 2009, pp 298-301.

Anigacz W., Bęben D.: Measurement of Flatness of a Portal Crane Collar. Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research. The Finnish Society of Surveying Sciences, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2009, pp. 47–56.

Anigacz W.: The maintenance of geometrical parameters of constructions weirs and their durability. Annals of Building Engineering, Polish Academy of Science, No. 9/2009, pp. 13-16.


Patents (only 2009)

Anigacz W., Okos D.: Device for indirect indication of rail axis. European Patent Office. Patent No. 09460002.0-2303. Date 27.03.09. Applicant/Proprietor: Opole University of Technology.

Anigacz W.: A target fixing device. European Patent Office. Patent No. 09460004.6-1260. Date 02.04.09. Applicant/Proprietor: Opole University of Technology.

Anigacz W. Kania D.: Testing tool, particularly for testing levels. Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Date 2004-10-11. P 370604. Applicant/Proprietor: Opole University of Technology.

Anigacz W.: Device for indication of rail head axis. Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Date 2009-10-14. W117252. Applicant/Proprietor: Opole University of Technology.


Anigacz W.M, Anigacz W.: Device for level adjustment. Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. P 376634. Date  2009-10-21. Applicant/Proprietor: Opole University of Technology.


Academic and Professional Body Membership

- member of Economic Geodesy Section in Geodesy Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences, since 1989

- member of Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers.


Grants and Awards

- Several awards  and prizes on national level in Poland,

- Several OUTch Rector  prizes,

- Several master’s degree thesis prepared under my guidance received awards  and prizes on national level in Poland.



International Experience

- participation in international conferences in Poland and abroad,

- participation in the Erasmus program (Germany, Czech Republic),

- head of international Polish-Czech research team,

- individual cooperation (Germany, Czech Republic, Romania),

- joint execution of research for industry.



Downhill skiing (licensed instructor of Polish Ski Association, cross-country skiing, hiking (licensed mountain guide of Sudety and Opole voivodeship terrain guide), cycling tourism.



Some of the patents and utility models are prepared in cooperation with students.


Research and professional equipments

- Total station TC 2002 with full equipment,

- Level NA 3003,

- Plummet  ZNL,

- Laser scanner FX,

- Geodesy Computers Programs,

- Owns patents for untypical measurements,

- Owns Geodesy Computers Programs (to calculated: crane tracts, chimneys, …)